Placing a loved one in a nursing home takes a lot of thought and consideration and is never an easy decision. Everyone’s situation is different, but when you don’t have the means to stay home and provide the proper care your loved one needs, sending them to a nursing home is often the best option. You should be able to assume that they will get the appropriate care to live a better life, but this isn’t always the case. Abuse and neglect happen way too often in nursing homes, and you can only hope that the staff will identify it quickly so your loved one doesn’t have to suffer.

When you decide to put a loved one in a nursing home, it’s worth thinking about having a bedsore lawyer in Brooklyn, NY on standby just in case your loved one experiences neglect or abuse. Many times nursing homes operate together to hide these situations, and a reputable bedsore attorney can uncover those things. Always have your radar up when your loved one is in the nursing home since many facilities will hide neglect or abuse in these ways.

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Not Reporting Truthful Information About Injuries

If your loved one experienced an injury in a nursing home, you should investigate the matter to determine the true story. Nursing homes will often state the injury occurred due to the patient slipping and falling on their own. They might also even lie and say they did not know the patient was injured at all because they didn’t tell them. You should never assume the nursing home staff is telling you the truth, even when you talk to multiple staff members. Sometimes the staff will work together to protect one another and ensure their stories are aligned.

When you visit your loved one in the nursing home, take a close look at them for any signs that the nursing home may be hiding injuries. Scratches or scars could be covered up by dressing them in long-sleeve outfits or even covering them up with makeup. They might also throw away certain clothes that were cut or ripped during the incident to cover up the issue. Nursing homes should be accountable for these actions, and you need to have a trustworthy bedsore attorney in Nassau County by your side.

Refraining From Reporting Neglect Or Abuse

Nursing homes have a legal obligation to report neglect or abuse, but many of them don’t fulfill this obligation. If one staff member witnesses instances of neglect or abuse, they might be fearful of losing their job if they report it to management. It’s a valid concern for those staff members because oftentimes management will dismiss the report to protect the nursing home’s reputation and don’t want to create a scene with authorities getting involved. It’s a major problem when nursing home staff members prioritize their own reputation and profits over caring for their patients. A good bedsore lawyer in Brooklyn, NY can uncover systemic issues like not reporting neglect or abuse to ensure your loved one gets the care they deserve, along with the other patients in the nursing home.

Modifying Records Or Not Documenting Condition Changes

Depending on your loved one’s illness, disease, or condition, the nursing home staff may be required to document every aspect of their day and identify any changes. In some situations, nursing home staff members will document false information for various reasons. They could be covering up situations of neglect or abuse, or they might simply be lazy and don’t want to write down any changes they observed. In some cases, it’s hard to determine which end of the spectrum the nursing home staff is on, but a bedsore attorney can usually get to the bottom of it.

Documenting the changes in a patient’s condition is essential for nursing homes to provide proper care. If you notice your loved one is ill, has injuries, is losing weight, has developed bedsores, or is experiencing physical or mental distress, it’s your right to ask the nursing home staff when the changes began. You should get straightforward answers as to when the issues were first identified and what actions were taken to prevent the issue from worsening or to cure the problem completely. If the nursing home is hiding information and has not been documenting these types of changes, it’s time to call your bedsore attorney in Nassau County for advice.

What To Do If You Suspect Nursing Home Neglect Or Abuse

Never ignore any signs that your loved one might be experiencing neglect or abuse while under the supervision of nursing home staff. It’s human nature to believe your loved one is getting the best possible care while being in a nursing home, but the reality is often different. Talk to your loved one often and visit them whenever possible to learn more about how they are treated. If you notice any physical signs that neglect or abuse may be present, reaching out to a bedsore attorney is usually your best bet. You can try talking to the nursing home staff first, but if you don’t receive the answer you want to hear, chances are they are covering up a larger underlying issue. 

A trustworthy bedsore attorney knows exactly what to look for regarding nursing home neglect and abuse. Nursing homes tend to use similar tactics to cover up certain situations, and they often get away with it because the new patients and their families don’t know what they are up to. However, a good bedsore attorney can identify problems quickly and is more than happy to launch an investigation on your loved one’s behalf to ensure they are receiving the proper care they deserve.

If you need a reliable bedsore attorney in Nassau County, Sinel & Olesen, PLLC is here to fight for you. We have helped numerous clients receive better care and compensation for injuries developed due to neglect at nursing homes. We are ready to get to the bottom of your case, so contact us today to schedule a free evaluation.


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