Without proper nutrition, elderly people are more at risk of health problems. Even seemingly minor infections could turn into severe issues because the body isn’t equipped to fight them off. It’s important to always look for signs of malnutrition in your elderly loved one, especially if they reside in a nursing home. Here are five signs you should look for before contacting a bedsore attorney in The Bronx, NY.

Bedsore Attorney The Bronx, NY,

Weight Loss

Weight loss is typically the easiest sign to spot. You might notice their clothes aren’t fitting correctly or maybe their jewelry is too big. If your loved one has lost a lot of weight over a few months unintentionally, then they might not be getting fed properly. Taking action now by bringing this up to their caretaker could prevent getting a bedsore attorney in Brooklyn involved.

Changes In Skin Tone

A person’s skin could turn yellow or have other types of discoloration if they aren’t receiving proper nutrition. Never ignore this sign since it clearly means something is wrong. And if the nursing home staff fails to take action or indicates they didn’t notice it, have a bedsore attorney on standby.

Bleeding Or Sores In The Mouth

Bleeding, sores, or even swelling in the mouth are all signs of the body not getting proper nutrition. Taking regular visits to the dentist is crucial so these signs can be identified. If not identified and corrected, your elderly loved one could experience tooth decay over time.

Depression Or Changes In Mood

Nutrients are vital for helping the brain function correctly. Not eating enough food or not eating the right foods can cause some imbalances and lead to mood changes. And in some instances, serious depression can occur. Reach out to a bedsore attorney since it’s a sign your loved one isn’t receiving proper care.

Getting Sick Or Infections More Often Than Normal

It’s natural to get sick or even experience an infection occasionally. But if your loved one is experiencing both more often than normal, it’s a sign the body is not equipped to fight them off. And usually, this means improper nutrition. Never ignore this sign or blame it on age. 

When you need a trustworthy and reliable bedsore attorney, Sinel & Olesen, PLLC is here for you. We encourage you to reach out to us if you notice any of these signs of malnutrition in your elderly loved one. The earlier you take action, the better off your loved one will be. Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to review your case.


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