If you were injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, or have a loved one who experienced the same, getting a bedsore attorney in the Bronx, NY involved should be your first step. However, just because you hire a good bedsore lawyer doesn’t always mean you’re going to win your case. Proving negligence is often complicated since there are four elements you must prove. We’ve explained those four elements for you here.

Bedsore Lawyer

Prove Legal Duty

The first element of proving negligence is proving that the person responsible had a legal duty to provide care. This is usually the easiest element to prove. In the event of a medical malpractice case, a bedsore attorney in Brooklyn can easily explain the legal duty a doctor had to take care of their client.

Prove Breach Of Legal Duty

Proving breach of legal duty is a little more difficult, but a good bedsore lawyer can accomplish it assuming there is sufficient evidence. This isn’t always an open-and-close scenario, so a bedsore lawyer will need to investigate the facts to prove that the doctor or medical staff member did not fulfill their duty and that the patient suffered an injury as a result.

Prove Actual Damage Or Injury

A person has to have suffered an injury or illness as a direct result of the doctor’s negligence. If an injury or illness did not occur, a judge likely would not find the doctor negligent.

Prove Causation

Proving causation is one of the most challenging tasks a bedsore lawyer has. The defendant could claim that the illness or injury the patient suffered would have happened regardless of any negligence from the doctor. This is where solid evidence is required to have a chance at winning the case.

Call An Attorney

Never try to prove negligence on your own in a lawsuit. Hiring a good bedsore attorney in Brooklyn can save you a lot of time and money and give you a much better chance of succeeding. At the very least, the attorney should evaluate your case thoroughly and provide you with the most likely outcomes so you can decide how you want to proceed.

Sinel & Olesen, PLLC wants to help you receive justice for any injuries you suffered resulting from negligent acts. We will get to the bottom of the situation and present you with the best possible outcomes. It all starts with a free case evaluation so contact us today to schedule yours.


My attorney was meticulous, intelligent, and had an exceptional demeanor with the judge and jurors. When the Jury verdict was returned in our favor I hugged my lawyer and cried. It wasn’t just the money that was so satisfying, it was being in the Courtroom with the doctor and their lawyers when the Judge told them the jury found them responsible.

France P.

We were not only pleased with the monetary award, but to see these facilities held accountable, we finally had some closure. I would recommend Sinel & Olesen, PLLC, to any family with a case involving bedsores or medical issues against a nursing home or hospital.

Lisle B.

Elliot Sinel was our trial attorney and our whole family watched the jury trial unfold for two weeks. Watching our lawyer cross exam the defendant doctors and nurses and exposing their neglect in the care for our father gave us all a great sense of satisfaction. The jury awarded us a tremendous sum of money and we all felt vindicated…

Terrence H.

Sinel & Olesen, PLLC, never told me to settle, instead they brought the case to trial and combined, a jury gave us close to a million dollars. I was very impressed by the trial attorney and the medical expert surgeon that my lawyers brought to court to testify.

Suzanne F.

Before the case went to trial, Elliot Sinel convinced the insurance company for the nursing home to pay us a large award. My sisters and I always knew that the medical negligence caused my father to suffer. The settlement gave us a feeling that the facility finally acknowledged their wrongdoing…

Ana B.