The coronavirus pandemic has affected virtually every part of the nation, including our nursing homes. This impact has been felt since COVID-19 first arrived on the scene, and continues to play a role on those citizens living in nursing homes as well as the workers who help those living in these facilities. Many of us are left to wonder what we should know about the current situation and the nursing home experience for residents. 

There are always concerns surrounding nursing homes. While they can offer important care and protection for disabled and elderly individuals, abuse and neglect are always worthy of consideration. Now that COVID-19 has entered the scene, there are even more reasons an individual may need to contact a bedsore lawyer in Nassau County or surrounding areas if they believe their loved one may not have received the proper care. Bearing all that in mind, these are some things every individual should know about the continuing impact of the coronavirus on nursing homes and what that means when it comes to ensuring their loved one can get the care they need.

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Restricted Visitations

Among the most significant issues people are currently facing is the limitation of visiting their loved ones. This is especially true in hard hit areas, or coronavirus “red zones,” where facilities such as nursing homes and hospitals are restricting or even banning visits. It’s understandable that the government would want to keep visitors out of these facilities. After all, the elderly are among those most susceptible to COVID-19, having the highest infection rates and highest fatality rates. Keeping visitors away from nursing homes helps cut down on the possibility of individuals bringing the virus into nursing homes, thereby protecting these individuals from the virus.

Unfortunately, this does come at a price. Many individuals count on seeing their loved ones regularly so they can keep track of important details such as their hygiene, make sure their clothes and bedding are being changed regularly, and take note of their mental well-being. With current technology, some visitations can be made via telephone and video chat. However, this is still not enough to identify some issues, such as bedsores. As restrictions begin to lift in some areas and individuals can begin visiting their loved ones in person again, it may be important for many to thoroughly take note of any potential problems that may have occurred and, if necessary, contact a bedsore attorney in Brooklyn, NY or surrounding areas.

Nursing Home Deaths

When it comes to the impact of COVID-19 on nursing homes, the most notable is the number of deaths that have taken place in these facilities. Unfortunately, nursing homes have played host to a large number of deaths, especially in some areas such as New York. In some ways, this is to be expected, especially considering the high mortality rates among the elderly who have contracted COVID-19. However, there have also been many concerns about how things have been handled in nursing homes, from the directives that have been handed down from the government to how nursing home staff have taken care of their residents.

One of the issues that has received much attention is a mandate that stated nursing homes had to take in individuals even if they were confirmed to or suspected to have COVID-19. Additionally, concerns were raised over nursing homes being prohibited from requiring residents to take COVID-19 tests before returning to the facility after hospitalization. Over time, these kinds of mandates were overturned, but further issues have continued to arise. It is vital that any individual with a loved one in a nursing home pay close attention to what is happening in that facility and to be sure they contact a bedsore lawyer in Manhattan, NY or their area if they feel there may be an issue that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.

Protections for Residents

More than anything, the primary impact of the coronavirus is the protections that have been put into place for residents of these facilities. It has always been imperative that individuals living in nursing homes receive the utmost care, especially considering their age and any underlying medical conditions these individuals may have. However, with the rise of the coronavirus pandemic and its spread across the world, it has become even more critical for those working in nursing homes to take extra precautions to be certain that individuals residing in these facilities can remain safe.

Many things must be done to ensure the safety of nursing home residents. For example, hygiene has always been of utmost importance, but now it is critical that every individual who comes in contact with those in nursing homes is practicing regular handwashing and other important hygiene measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Ensuring that anybody who enters residential care facilities is using the appropriate masks at all times is vital, and practicing social distancing whenever possible also plays a key role in keeping individuals in nursing homes safe.

For now, and possibly well into the future, it will be important for any individual who has the opportunity to visit their loved ones to pay attention to these details in addition to standard signs that may indicate potential signs of abuse or neglect. This will be critical for preventing any unfortunate issues that could lead to an individual contracting this horrible virus or, in an even worse scenario, lead to someone having to contact a bedsore attorney in Brooklyn, NY or other areas due to neglect that has led to an individual suffering because they have become another victim of coronavirus.

If you are interested in learning more about the impact of coronavirus on nursing homes and what this could potentially mean regarding nursing home liability cases, contact our team today.


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