Medication errors are becoming more common every day as more people are taking prescription drugs. Some medication errors have minor consequences like temporary illness, but others require hospitalization and potentially cause long-term health issues. A bedsore attorney in Manhattan, NY can help if you or a loved one were victims of a medication error. Here are some of the errors to be aware of and how to avoid them.

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What Are The Most Common Medication Errors?

Any bedsore lawyer in The Bronx will explain that medication errors don’t always fall on the shoulders of the patient. The incorrect dosage could have been prescribed by the medical provider and they could be liable as a result. In fact, the most common medication errors include patients taking the wrong medication, when the wrong dosage is consumed, or when the patient doesn’t follow the instructions on the label. Accidents can happen, but a bedsore attorney will tell you the patient isn’t always to blame.

Preventing Medication Errors

Medication errors can be difficult for a patient to prevent, especially when the error was made by the medical professional or facility. While you should be able to trust your medical professional, everyone makes mistakes, so be sure and confirm the information on the label and ensure it’s what your doctor prescribed to you. Ask questions if there are any discrepancies between what your doctor said and what is printed on the label. Then when you get the medication home, set a routine and make notes about when and how you or your loved one needs to take the medication.

When A Lawyer Should Get Involved

Medication errors can be the fault of medical professionals. If you believe you or a loved one are victims of a medical professional’s error, then a bedsore attorney might need to get involved. There are many complexities and information to sort through, and the only way to get through them all and be compensated appropriately is if you hire a quality attorney.

Sinel & Olesen, PLLC understands mistakes happen, but medical professionals should be held responsible for their actions. Medication errors are too common today, and you can prevent them from happening by following these tips. If you have any questions or concerns and believe you’re dealing with a medication error, contact us today and we will review your case.


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