When we place our loved ones in nursing homes, we expect them to receive the best possible care. This includes ensuring all their needs are met, from the most basic tasks such as moving them throughout the day and taking care of any hygiene requirements they may have to taking care of all their nutritional requirements. 

However, while it is a little easier to identify some of the issues that may arise when an individual is not moved often enough, a lack of proper nutrition can be much more challenging to identify and may lead to the need for a bedsore attorney in Brooklyn. This is why any individual with a loved one in a nursing home needs to know what they should be watching out for and the most common signs of malnutrition in the elderly.

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Common Signs of Malnutrition

Though the signs of malnutrition may be subtle, if you visit your loved one regularly, you should be able to notice changes to their physical appearance, indicating their nutritional needs are not being met. Weight loss is perhaps the easiest sign of malnutrition to identify; however, it is not the only indicator of malnutrition. There can be far more subtle signs an individual is not receiving enough vitamins, nutrients, or even fluids in their daily diet. Some indicators of malnutrition you will want to be looking out for include:

  • Changes in skin tone: When an individual is not receiving the nutrition they need, their skin can become discolored and even yellow in tone.
  • Eye discoloration: If an individual’s eyes appear glassy or red or they complain of decreased vision when this has not been a problem in the past, malnutrition could be a factor.
  • Mouth sores or bleeding: In cases of malnutrition, various issues can occur inside the mouth, from canker sores to bleeding gums and even a form of yeast infection called oral thrush.

Other general signs of malnutrition include increased weakness, especially in the limbs, and a bloated appearance in the stomach and abdomen. If you notice any of these problems, it is crucial to contact a medical professional. If malnutrition is identified, be sure to call a bedsore attorney to build a case for your loved one.

What Problems Can Malnutrition Cause?

Malnutrition can lead to numerous issues for our loved ones, especially if they are already elderly or dealing with other medical complications. One of the greater concerns with malnutrition is what it does to the skin. Malnutrition makes the skin weaker and much more prone to infection. For those living in nursing homes, this can make them much more prone to bedsores, especially if they are already being neglected. This is why it is vital to get help for your loved one and contact a bedsore attorney in the Bronx or wherever you are located the moment you identify any issues related to malnourishment or if you see any bedsores on your loved one’s body.

If you have any questions or need help finding a bedsore attorney and building a case, you can contact us today! Our team at Sinel & Oleson, PLLC will be happy to assist with anything you need to ensure you and your loved one gets the care they deserve.


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