Bedsores commonly develop when people lay in a bed for a long time without getting up. Hospitals and nursing home facilities often deal with bedsores since they have patients who can’t get up easily. However, preventing bedsores isn’t difficult as long as proper care is given. And when a bedsore develops, recognizing it early and taking appropriate steps can stop it from worsening. Since bedsores are an issue of proper care and treatment, a bedsore lawyer in Manhattan, NY can help you if you suspect neglect. Here are some of the ways nursing homes and hospital facilities can prevent and decrease bedsore development.

Bedsore Attorney

How To Prevent Bedsores

Preventing bedsores takes some effort, but can be easily accomplished. Patients simply need to be moved to a different position every couple of hours to relieve the pressure put on one area. Using pillows or other cushions can also relieve pressure points. A balanced diet and keeping the skin free from moisture also help prevent bedsores. As you can see, these are fairly simple preventive measures so if they aren’t followed, a bedsore lawyer in Suffolk County can help you determine whether a loved one is being neglected.

Recognizing Early Signs Of Bedsores

Whether it’s because of an understaffed nursing home or any other reason, bedsores could start developing in patients. Discolored skin is an obvious sign of bedsore development, but the area also might feel a little different to the touch. If the nursing home staff is providing proper care, then they will attend to these areas immediately. And sometimes, the affected area might not even develop into a bedsore if it’s addressed quickly and properly.

What To Do If A Loved One Is Developing Bedsores

If your loved one has developed bedsores that aren’t getting better while in the care of a nursing home facility or a hospital, then you might need to reach out to a bedsore attorney. Not immediately addressing bedsores can lead them to progress into something much more severe, so compensation is possible. A bedsore attorney will review the situation and the facts and determine whether you have a strong case.

Sinel & Olesen, PLLC specializes in bedsore cases. A qualified and reputable bedsore attorney will be on your side to ensure you receive the compensation and damages you deserve as a result of experiencing nursing home neglect. We are ready to provide you with a free case evaluation, so contact us today to start the process.


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