Nursing home abuse is never acceptable at any level and no matter whom the abuse is against. However, women are typically more at risk of being abused in nursing homes because of several factors. And many of these situations go unreported, which makes the nursing home residents even more at risk of being abused in the future. A bedsore lawyer in Nassau County can explain some of the many risk factors for nursing home abuse in women.

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Women Have A Longer Life Expectancy

Since women have a longer life expectancy than men, they are more likely to end up staying at a nursing home at some point. So when you look at the numbers and statistics, the longer a person is at a nursing home, the greater the chances are of them being abused during their stay. There is no excuse for nursing home abuse and you should reach out to a bedsore attorney in Brooklyn, NY at the first sign of it.

Women Statistically Have A Higher Risk Of Getting A Disability

Another factor a bedsore attorney states is the risk of women getting a disability. This is directly related to the longer life expectancy since the chances of developing a disability are higher the older you are. Women also historically need a longer recovery time for certain disabilities, which increases the chances of them suffering abuse at the hands of nursing home staff.

Women Often Can’t Defend Themselves Easily

Whether they are victims of sexual assault by other residents or victims of other types of abuse by staff members, women physically can’t defend themselves as much as men. Most of the time the abuser is known to the victim, which makes it even more likely for the abuse to go unreported.

Reach Out To A Reputable Attorney Right Away When Abuse Is Suspected

Any time nursing home abuse is suspected in any form, reach out to a bedsore attorney right away. The investigation needs to begin immediately and the best bedsore attorney will leave no stone unturned. It’s especially important to keep your radar up for abuse if your loved one is an elderly woman, who is automatically more vulnerable to abuse.

Sinel & Olesen, PLLC can spot nursing home abuse easier and quicker than any other law firm. Our attorneys have many years of experience dealing with issues that arise in nursing homes. You need a trained eye with a history of helping clients in nursing home abuse cases, so contact us today to schedule a free evaluation.


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