Patients who require special care in a nursing home or hospital might not always be able to communicate their needs. Your loved one relies on you to communicate those needs and advocate for them on their behalf. Most medical professionals and nursing home staff members are great, but others might not provide all the care your loved one needs. Bedsores could develop and then you’ll need to hire a bedsore lawyer in Brooklyn, NY. You can avoid this by advocating for your loved one’s health needs in these ways.

Bedsore Attorney

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

Asking questions to your loved one’s care professionals can provide a couple of benefits. One is that you’ll know what’s happening with your loved one at all times. And an often overlooked aspect of asking questions is letting the care professionals know that you are interested and paying close attention. This could make them feel like they need to provide even better care since you’re monitoring everything they are doing.

Always Look For Mistakes Or Errors

Don’t hesitate to point out mistakes or errors. Whether it’s a prescription error, a misspelled name, or something more serious, bring up the mistakes to the appropriate personnel. A bedsore lawyer in the Bronx will tell you that minor errors can indicate carelessness and lead to larger errors, so it’s important to identify them and call them out.

Provide All Necessary Medical Information

One of the best ways you can help your loved one and their medical professionals is to provide them with all the available medical information. You’ll need to know where this information is if your loved one is unable to communicate with you. Otherwise, the medical professionals could provide medication that causes reactions or other consequences that could have been avoided with more information.

Discuss Your Loved One’s Wishes With Medical Professionals

Every bedsore attorney recommends communicating all of your loved one’s wishes to medical professionals and making sure they follow through with them safely. You shouldn’t guess what your loved one wants and the medical professional shouldn’t have to either. Even if your loved one can’t communicate clearly, they will appreciate you following through with their wishes.

Sinel & Olesen, PLLC is here for you if you need a bedsore attorney to represent you. We can identify neglect in nursing homes and hospitals and always ensure our clients receive damages they are entitled to. To speak with a reputable bedsore attorney, feel free to contact us at any time.


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