Bedsores are typically easy to prevent and are particularly easy to prevent serious complications. However, people who reside in nursing homes are more prone to getting bedsores due to neglect from nursing home staff. You can always rely on a bedsore attorney in The Bronx, NY if you believe your loved one is experiencing neglect in a nursing home. But it’s also important to know what bedsores are so you can point them out early. Stage 4 bedsores are the most dangerous types and we’ve examined why so you are better informed.

Bedsore Attorney The Bronx

What Causes Bedsores To Begin With?

In most situations, a bedsore attorney indicates bedsore development occurs when people don’t move enough. Nursing home residents often have a hard time moving and they rely on the care person to help them. But when neglect occurs, residents can stay in one position for too long and the pressure on certain parts of the body can restrict blood flow and lead to bedsores. Friction on bed sheets can also rub the skin so much that bedsore development can occur. Bedsores start as a small sore, but can evolve into a more serious issue if left untreated.

Symptoms And Signs Of Stage 4 Bedsores

There are four stages of bedsores a bedsore attorney in Brooklyn will examine in a legal case. The first stage is simply redness on the skin and Stage 4 is when bone or muscle is exposed. A bedsore attorney will typically get involved when bedsores reach Stage 3 because if they have gotten that far, then negligence is usually a factor. Stage 4 bedsores are by far the most dangerous and the signs and symptoms include:

  • Exposed bones, ligaments, tendons, or muscles
  • Skin discoloration
  • Blisters, pus, or drainage 
  • Hot skin at the wound site
  • Odors from the wound site

Stage 4 bedsores are not necessarily life-threatening immediately. However, they can turn that way quickly, so immediate action is needed to treat them effectively. If nursing home staff members don’t take appropriate action, then it’s time to contact a bedsore attorney in The Bronx, NY right away.

What Are The Risk Factors Of Stage 4 Bedsores?

A bedsore attorney in Brooklyn will indicate people with mobility limitations are the most susceptible to reaching Stage 4 of bedsore development. It’s critical to ensure proper blood flow to all areas of the body, especially in elderly people. Some of the conditions that further increase the risk of Stage 4 bedsore development include:

  • Poor nutrition
  • Diabetes
  • Dementia
  • Obesity
  • Fragile skin
  • Fecal or urinary incontinence

Nursing home staff should understand whether a resident has any of these conditions and ensure they receive proper care to prevent bedsores from developing. Anyone can develop bedsores, but people with these conditions are much more likely to reach Stage 4 if they don’t receive the right amount of attention. 

Understanding The Life Expectancy Of Stage 4 Bedsores

The life expectancy of Stage 4 bedsores is high, but the caveat is they must be treated effectively for the life expectancy to remain high. With proper treatment, Stage 4 bedsores can heal completely in a span of a few months to up to a couple of years. 

The main issue occurs when complications from Stage 4 bedsores are present. These complications include:

  • Sepsis development
  • Cellulitis
  • Cancer
  • Blood infections
  • Joint infections
  • Bone infections

It’s not the bedsore itself that is life-threatening. It’s the complications that can occur from it when it doesn’t receive appropriate attention. Anyone who experiences these complications needs to receive immediate medical attention or their life expectancy will drop significantly. And depending on how the nursing home staff handles the situation, a bedsore attorney might need to get involved.

Proper Treatment Is Crucial

Bedsores need to be treated right away. When caught early in their development, they should never reach Stage 4. However, once bedsores reach Stage 2 or higher, medical treatments are needed to prevent further development. Nursing home residents need a lot of attention when they have Stage 4 bedsores. Medical professionals should administer antibiotics as needed to prevent the area from getting infected. And sometimes damaged tissue from the area needs to be removed.

Nursing home staff should prioritize moistening the wound as needed so healing conditions are as ideal as possible. They should also relieve pressure from the area at all times so the wound does not get any worse. Proper hydration and nutrition are also essential to give the body what it needs to fight off any infections. Without these treatments, surgical intervention could be necessary. 

When To Seek Legal Assistance

It’s important to confront nursing home employees at the first sign of bedsore development. Monitor their actions and inactions after this and document them all. The hope is the professionals will treat the area appropriately, but it’s important to have a bedsore attorney on standby just in case. Treatments and appropriate care can get very expensive when bedsores reach Stage 4. And if negligence from the nursing home played a role in Stage 4 bedsore development, then you shouldn’t be on the hook for the expenses.

Sinel & Olesen, PLLC is here to protect you and your loved ones from nursing home negligence that occurs too often. The earlier you contact our office, the earlier we can intervene if needed and potentially save the life of your loved one. You should be able to expect nursing home staff to care for your loved one appropriately, but the reality is it doesn’t happen enough. We are available at your disposal, so don’t hesitate to contact us when you need a bedsore attorney you can trust.


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