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If you or someone you know has spent an extended amount of time in a horizontal position or in a wheelchair, you might have heard the term bedsores or pressure ulcers. Bedsores occur when there is pressure to the same area of skin for an extended amount of time, damaging layers of the skin and soft tissue.

Anyone who has developed bedsores while in the care of a healthcare professional should speak to an attorney as soon as possible, regardless of their severity. Bedsores are typically a sign of neglect, and victims are often able to recover significant compensation for their injuries.

NYC Bedsore Lawyers Helping Victims Recover Compensation
Treatment for stage 1

Treatment for stage 1:

At this stage, bedsores typically impact only the first layer of skin. This is the stage at which the bedsore is developing, and proper treatment can be crucial in avoiding a more serious injury.

At this stage, it is advisable to start by relieving the pressure. For example, move positions every 15 minutes to reduce the pressure to the impacted area. As soon as you notice a bedsore is forming, it is essential to speak with your doctor to learn their suggested treatment plan.

Treatment for stage 2

The second stage of bedsores is usually identified by an open wound than extends before the surface layer of the skin. At stage two, treatment is often advised to clean and dress the wound to avoid infection. Reducing pressure to the damaged area is important as well to speed up healing.

Treatment for stage 2
Treatment for stage 1

Treatment for stage 3

In stage three, the damage has extended beyond the first and second layers of the skin and now is impacting the ligaments and muscle tissue.

At this stage, the bedsore is typically quite painful, often due to being untreated and infected. Treatment at this stage is typically administered by a medical professional. Your doctor might need to remove some of the damaged skin and give you antibiotics to treat an infection. There may also be a special mattress that can alleviate some of the pain.

Treatment for stage 4

Stage four of a bedsore is very serious. At this point, the sore is typically an unattended open wound that is often infected. Treatment at this stage often requires surgery to fix or minimize the lasting damage. At this stage, bedsores can take months or even years to fully heal.

Bedsores can be a direct result of a caregiver who is not providing proper attention to their patients. Those who are left alone for hours or even days without the aid of someone to help them move positions often develop bedsores. A New York City bedsores attorney can help you understand your rights if you are a victim of this injury.

Treatment for stage 2

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