Nursing home abuse claims are becoming more widespread than ever before. If you or a loved one experienced injuries or health problems resulting from a nursing home stay, a bedsore attorney in Manhattan, NY can help. Not only do you have to have a great bedsore lawyer, but you also have to have some credible witnesses to testify. The value a credible witness brings is instrumental to the success of your case and here are a few reasons why.

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How A Credible Expert Witness Helps Your Case

Any NY bedsore attorney in Suffolk County will look for credible expert witnesses since they offer specialized knowledge on the topic. A good trait a credible expert witness should have is the ability to communicate clearly, confidently, and in a way that’s easy for most people to understand. The court will consider the expert’s qualifications, credibility, how prepared they are, whether their message is consistent, their ability to educate the jury, and more. All of these characteristics will help strengthen your case significantly.

Value Of A Credible Eyewitness

A credible eyewitness is also valuable and a bedsore lawyer might look for several witnesses. Qualities of a credible eyewitness include the ability to recall the event clearly, communicate what happened thoroughly, can respond to questions accurately, and be morally responsible. Without these characteristics, the eyewitness might not be seen as trustworthy and they can actually hurt your case instead of helping it.

Your Bedsore Lawyer Will Collect Various Credible Witnesses

The best bedsore attorney in Manhattan, NY will look for as many credible witnesses as they can find to strengthen your nursing home abuse case. Nursing homes will often cover up issues in their facility, which makes it difficult for people to testify against them. The right type of witnesses is essential to help a victim’s case, and the right bedsore lawyer will ensure those credible witnesses are found.

Sinel & Olesen, PLLC has many years of experience helping clients win nursing home abuse cases. There are many different types of abuse to be aware of and it’s important to identify it as early as possible. We will be as thorough as possible and ensure no credible witness goes unnoticed. If you believe a loved one is suffering from nursing home abuse, contact us today to schedule a free case evaluation.


My attorney was meticulous, intelligent, and had an exceptional demeanor with the judge and jurors. When the Jury verdict was returned in our favor I hugged my lawyer and cried. It wasn’t just the money that was so satisfying, it was being in the Courtroom with the doctor and their lawyers when the Judge told them the jury found them responsible.

France P.

We were not only pleased with the monetary award, but to see these facilities held accountable, we finally had some closure. I would recommend Sinel & Olesen, PLLC, to any family with a case involving bedsores or medical issues against a nursing home or hospital.

Lisle B.

Elliot Sinel was our trial attorney and our whole family watched the jury trial unfold for two weeks. Watching our lawyer cross exam the defendant doctors and nurses and exposing their neglect in the care for our father gave us all a great sense of satisfaction. The jury awarded us a tremendous sum of money and we all felt vindicated…

Terrence H.

Sinel & Olesen, PLLC, never told me to settle, instead they brought the case to trial and combined, a jury gave us close to a million dollars. I was very impressed by the trial attorney and the medical expert surgeon that my lawyers brought to court to testify.

Suzanne F.

Before the case went to trial, Elliot Sinel convinced the insurance company for the nursing home to pay us a large award. My sisters and I always knew that the medical negligence caused my father to suffer. The settlement gave us a feeling that the facility finally acknowledged their wrongdoing…

Ana B.