You should be able to trust that loved ones are receiving proper care when placed in a nursing home. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Nursing home abuse is more widespread than most people think or want to believe. Any NY bedsore lawyer in Suffolk County will tell you to never overlook any suspicion of abuse. If you suspect it, chances are it’s happening more than you even think. Here are some of the various forms of nursing home abuse to always be aware of.

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Emotional abuse can be in the form of threats, intimidation, harassment, degradation, and more. Nursing home residents suffering from emotional abuse can become unresponsive, uncooperative, isolated, or display emotional behaviors out of the norm. If your loved one is acting differently than normal, a bedsore attorney needs to be made aware. 


Physical abuse is often the easiest type of abuse to identify. Never ignore bruises, cuts, welts, or other types of marks on your loved one’s skin. Ask them how they received these wounds and pay close attention to the answer. They often won’t tell you the truth out of fear of further abuse from the staff as punishment. Confront the staff about your concerns and if you don’t like their answer, a bedsore attorney in Manhattan might need to step in.


Sexual abuse is real in nursing homes. A bedsore attorney will suggest looking for bruising in sensitive areas, stained clothing, bleeding, and more. Sexual abuse can impact nursing home residents physically and emotionally so never ignore these signs and do your best to have open lines of communication with your loved one.


Some nursing homes will take advantage of a resident’s financial situation. They could forge a resident’s signature to get cash or to change information on legal documents. They might also bill the resident for various services they did not receive. Since families aren’t often involved in the day-to-day decisions made in nursing homes, it’s easier than you think for financial abuse to occur. Always stay involved with what nursing homes are doing and help your loved one keep good records of the care received.

Sinel & Olesen, PLLC has a bedsore attorney on standby ready to assist with your case. Sometimes the only way you can protect your loved one from the nursing home staff is to get a bedsore attorney involved. If you suspect any type of abuse on your loved one in a nursing home, contact us to schedule a free case evaluation. 

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What causes bedsores and pressure sores?

People develop bed sores when they don’t receive adequate medical attention. This results in an open wound and irritated skin patches that are caused by friction or unrelieved/prolonged pressure.

Although a bed sore can develop almost anywhere, the most common areas of the body to develop them are:

  • the backside
  • the buttocks
  • heels
  • ankles
  • hips
  • the head

Diagram showing bedsore causes

Can I sue for bedsores?

Yes. Once a family places a loved one in a nursing home, they should expect that they will not be injured due to neglect or abuse.
Bedsores are one of the most common preventable, avoidable injuries in nursing homes.

Why are some people at risk for bedsores or pressure sores?

Anyone who relies on heathcare staff to reposition them is at greater risk since failure to do this can cause bedsores to develop.

Even for elderly and immobile patients, bedsores are completely preventable if the staff uses proper precautions and ensures that residents receive adequate care.