If you’ve done any research on bedsores, you likely understand there are four stages of severity. But have you heard of unstageable bedsores? Many people haven’t, but if your loved one is diagnosed with one, then you need to take immediate action with a bedsore attorney in Brooklyn, NY. The seriousness of unstageable bedsores is off the charts and nursing homes need to treat them aggressively. Here’s what you need to know about unstageable bedsores.

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What Makes A Bedsore Unstageable?

An unstageable bedsore is when it cannot be accurately classified as a Stage 1-4 bedsore. At this point, it is usually too deep and the wound has deteriorated to the point where it is unclear what stage the bedsore is in. This usually means the bedsore has developed past Stages 1 and 2 and is at least at Stage 3 or 4. However, since the nursing home staff did not identify it early enough, an accurate stage cannot be determined. Unstageable bedsores are largely regarded as medical errors that could have been preventable. This means neglect can often be proven more easily by a bedsore lawyer in Nassau County.

Treatments For Unstageable Bedsores

When an unstageable bedsore is identified, aggressive and immediate treatments should be administered. The wound needs a lot of help to heal or it could elevate in severity quickly. Some of the urgent actions nursing homes should take include:

  • Surgical tissue removal (debridement)
  • Changing wound dressing timely and regularly
  • Repositioning patients frequently
  • Ensuring patients have proper hydration and nutrition levels
  • Applying all wound medication, creams, and antibiotics as prescribed by a medical professional

A bedsore attorney needs to investigate why an unstageable bedsore occurred. And if the above treatments are not taken seriously by a nursing home, then additional legal action can be pursued.

Seek Representation From A Bedsore Attorney For Unstageable Bedsores

When you hear a loved one might have an unstageable bedsore, it should immediately trigger a sign that it’s time to call a bedsore attorney. Unstageable bedsores should never occur, but the reality is they do too often. Getting a bedsore attorney involved can put the nursing home into action quicker, while also potentially relieving the financial burden of treatments for your loved one.

Sinel & Olesen, PLLC has been a trusted bedsore attorney for many years. We are well aware of common practices nursing homes use to hide negligence. Unstageable bedsores are difficult to run from and you will likely be entitled to compensation if your loved one is diagnosed with one. Be sure to contact us right away and we will review your case and take immediate action on your behalf.

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What causes bedsores and pressure sores?

People develop bed sores when they don’t receive adequate medical attention. This results in an open wound and irritated skin patches that are caused by friction or unrelieved/prolonged pressure.

Although a bed sore can develop almost anywhere, the most common areas of the body to develop them are:

  • the backside
  • the buttocks
  • heels
  • ankles
  • hips
  • the head

Diagram showing bedsore causes

Can I sue for bedsores?

Yes. Once a family places a loved one in a nursing home, they should expect that they will not be injured due to neglect or abuse.
Bedsores are one of the most common preventable, avoidable injuries in nursing homes.

Why are some people at risk for bedsores or pressure sores?

Anyone who relies on heathcare staff to reposition them is at greater risk since failure to do this can cause bedsores to develop.

Even for elderly and immobile patients, bedsores are completely preventable if the staff uses proper precautions and ensures that residents receive adequate care.