The world of modern medicine has moved lightyears beyond where we were just a century ago. Whereas even simple conditions such as infections were once a death sentence, even complex diseases and disorders can now be treated with the proper tools and medications. But that does not mean medical procedures cannot sometimes go wrong. Doctors are humans, after all, and mistakes can happen.

However, medical malpractice is more than just a simple “mistake.” Medical malpractice refers to complications that arise due to improper, negligent, or even illegal actions made by doctors, medical staff, and caregivers.

There are many problems that can arise due to medical malpractice, such as leaving a patient immobile in bed for long periods of time. This can lead to bedsores, which can in turn lead to a need for a bedsore lawyer in Manhattan, NY or your area. However, sometimes your case may not be so clear cut, which leads to an important question. What do you do if you suspect medical malpractice, but aren’t sure if you have a clear cut case?

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Start Making Notes

While negligence is among the most common forms of medical malpractice, it can also be difficult to identify. If you suspect that you or a loved one has been the subject of medical malpractice due to negligence, one of the best actions you can take right away is to begin making notes about the instances identified that make you believe there is a problem. For example, if you have noticed a loved one in a long-term care facility has developed bedsores or they are having other issues that lead you to believe they are being neglected. This can include hygiene problems such as unclipped fingernails or hair that has not been washed. When you visit, be sure to make notes every time you identify these issues. This way, when you contact a bedsore attorney you will have evidence you can present them so you will be able to make your case and begin a proper investigation into what is occurring with your loved one and their caregivers.

Check Medical Records

It is also important to check all medical records available to you for information you can identify about the care your loved one is receiving. This can provide you with valuable facts leading you to possible insight about issues with medical malpractice. Among the many notations in the medical records are the symptoms your loved one experienced, any known history given at the time of treatment (such as heart problems), tests that were undergone, and treatment administered. If you see in the records that the medical team was negligent in their duties you likely have a case of negligence and medical malpractice. (For example, they failed to order necessary testing when a loved one reported chest pain, even though your loved one has a history of heart problems.)

Speaking to an Attorney

Once you think medical malpractice took place, the most important step is to speak to an attorney who can then guide you through the process and explain what sort of compensation you can expect. Often, a NY bedsore lawyer in Suffolk County or your area is also capable of handling these kinds of cases or can guide you to the help you need.

It is important to speak to someone as quickly as possible because you need to be sure you get all of the information connected to the case. It is also important that you speak to all witnesses who may be involved in the case, including all doctors, nurses, and caregivers who may have been involved as well as your loved one. You will also need to be able to report all of the facts of the matter clearly and as accurately as possible. This is another reason making notes and having medical records will be important prior to speaking to an attorney.

If you believe that you or a loved one has been subjected to medical malpractice in any form, the team at Sinel & Oleson, PLLC is here to help you. Contact our team today to speak with us about your possible medical malpractice case and to learn more about any compensation you may deserve.


My attorney was meticulous, intelligent, and had an exceptional demeanor with the judge and jurors. When the Jury verdict was returned in our favor I hugged my lawyer and cried. It wasn’t just the money that was so satisfying, it was being in the Courtroom with the doctor and their lawyers when the Judge told them the jury found them responsible.

France P.

We were not only pleased with the monetary award, but to see these facilities held accountable, we finally had some closure. I would recommend Sinel & Olesen, PLLC, to any family with a case involving bedsores or medical issues against a nursing home or hospital.

Lisle B.

Elliot Sinel was our trial attorney and our whole family watched the jury trial unfold for two weeks. Watching our lawyer cross exam the defendant doctors and nurses and exposing their neglect in the care for our father gave us all a great sense of satisfaction. The jury awarded us a tremendous sum of money and we all felt vindicated…

Terrence H.

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Suzanne F.

Before the case went to trial, Elliot Sinel convinced the insurance company for the nursing home to pay us a large award. My sisters and I always knew that the medical negligence caused my father to suffer. The settlement gave us a feeling that the facility finally acknowledged their wrongdoing…

Ana B.