Most medical procedures you undergo require the signing of a waiver before proceeding. Depending on the procedure, most of them go without any issues. However, some patients wonder whether they have any grounds to pursue legal action if they experience significant complications. The best thing to do is contact a NY bedsore lawyer in Nassau County, and we’ll explain some of the basics about the waiver you signed and what your legal options are.

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Why People Must Sign Waivers Before Medical Procedures

Patients are required to sign a waiver before undergoing most medical procedures. This waiver states that you are providing your informed consent about the procedure your health care provider is about to perform and accept the risks associated with it. This protects the doctor and the hospital by stating you will not hold them responsible for any damages or injuries you might suffer following the procedure. It’s a standard document that every patient must sign, but a good bedsore attorney in Manhattan can explain to you that certain situations still allow you to pursue legal action.

Some Legal Action Is Possible Even With A Signed Waiver

The waiver you sign protects the doctor and the hospital from the known complications and risks for that particular procedure. However, what it doesn’t protect is any injuries or issues experienced as a result of the doctor or hospital not following the appropriate levels of care throughout the process. Gross negligence is not covered in the waiver. There have been situations when medical professionals have left instruments or equipment inside their patient’s body following their procedure, which leads to severe complications. This would fall outside of the acceptable standards of medical care, and a bedsore lawyer can help you receive compensation.

Work With An Experienced Lawyer To Pursue Your Claim

Every medical malpractice situation is different. Pay close attention throughout the entire process of your procedure, starting with the initial consultation. If the medical professional requires you to sign a waiver acknowledging possible risks and complications, then they need to inform you of all the possible known risks and complications. Be sure to ask for this information before signing anything, and don’t rely on other sources for your knowledge. An experienced bedsore lawyer will ask you questions about how you were treated and what information was given to you. And most importantly, pay attention to the level of care provided immediately after the procedure to ensure you’re receiving the care deserved.

Sinel & Olesen, PLLC is the bedsore attorney in Manhattan you can rely on. We help our clients win medical malpractice cases even when they don’t believe they have a strong case. Our attorneys know how to spot negligence in medical facilities easily and will fight for you to get the compensation you deserve. If you don’t think you received an appropriate level of care and experienced significant or unnecessary health complications as a result, contact us today and explain your situation to us and get a free case evaluation.


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