The development of pressure ulcers is too common in nursing home residents. But the reason why a bedsore attorney in Brooklyn, NY should get involved every time is because of how easily preventable pressure ulcers are. If nursing home staff does their job by checking patients frequently, then pressure ulcers can be treated before they become problematic. Here’s what nursing home staff should do so you can understand when a bedsore lawyer in Nassau County should get involved.

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Daily Checks For Pressure Ulcers Are Critical

Nursing home residents should be evaluated for pressure ulcers every 24 hours. This is especially true for residents with limited mobility and who stay in one position for most of the day. Pressure ulcers don’t happen immediately most of the time, but signs of redness can be an indicator that one is developing. And once a pressure ulcer gets started, it can develop quickly if left unnoticed and untreated. 

Why Immediate Treatments Are Required For Pressure Ulcers

Immediate treatments for pressure ulcers can reduce the risk of severe complications. Minor redness can be treated by ensuring the patient doesn’t put pressure on the area. If the redness is not identified, then the pressure ulcer could reach Stage 2, where the skin could break slightly. And if the pressure ulcer is not treated at this stage, then it could develop into Stage 3 or 4, which increases the chances of it getting infected and it could become life-threatening.

What Can Happen If Pressure Ulcers Are Not Checked?

A good bedsore attorney can tell when a nursing home resident has been neglected. Regular bodily checks for pressure ulcers are the easiest way to prevent them from developing. So if pressure ulcers develop and advance into Stages 2-4, then it’s usually a clear sign they were neglected. And once pressure ulcers reach Stages 2-4, further medical intervention is required, which can become costly. When you work with a reputable bedsore attorney, you won’t have to be on the hook for those costs.

Sinel & Olesen, PLLC knows exactly what nursing homes should and shouldn’t do when it comes to caring for their residents. Pressure ulcers are way too common, but nursing homes often divert the blame. It’s critical to monitor your loved one closely in a nursing home and call our bedsore attorney if you believe neglect is occurring. Early intervention can save a lot of pain and suffering in your loved one, and reduce your financial burden as well. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time to schedule a free consultation to review your situation. 

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What causes bedsores and pressure sores?

People develop bed sores when they don’t receive adequate medical attention. This results in an open wound and irritated skin patches that are caused by friction or unrelieved/prolonged pressure.

Although a bed sore can develop almost anywhere, the most common areas of the body to develop them are:

  • the backside
  • the buttocks
  • heels
  • ankles
  • hips
  • the head

Diagram showing bedsore causes

Can I sue for bedsores?

Yes. Once a family places a loved one in a nursing home, they should expect that they will not be injured due to neglect or abuse.
Bedsores are one of the most common preventable, avoidable injuries in nursing homes.

Why are some people at risk for bedsores or pressure sores?

Anyone who relies on heathcare staff to reposition them is at greater risk since failure to do this can cause bedsores to develop.

Even for elderly and immobile patients, bedsores are completely preventable if the staff uses proper precautions and ensures that residents receive adequate care.