Patients in nursing homes or hospitals can experience bedsores when they haven’t moved from a certain spot in a long time. Pressure points can impact many areas of the body, but you can identify the bedsore by seeing the broken or blistered skin that usually has a red color. If left untreated, the bedsore can affect muscles, ligaments, and bones and create serious discomfort for patients. And if the patient still isn’t treated properly and timely, several life-threatening medical complications can occur. This is when a NY bedsore lawyer in Nassau County should get involved, but here are some of the complications and conditions you should know about that result from untreated bedsores.

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Sepsis is an infection in the blood that progresses quickly and can cause organs to fail. It’s one of the most common complications for people suffering from untreated bedsores. If staff members do not manage sepsis properly, the patient can quickly go into septic shock and their chances of surviving decrease significantly. Some of the most common symptoms to look out for in your loved one include loss of appetite, fever, agitation, low awareness, lethargy, and more.


Gangrene is not as common as sepsis but can be very dangerous if it develops. Gangrene is an infection that occurs when the bedsore gets very little or no oxygen, which allows bacteria to grow. The bacteria releases toxins into the tissues and patients could see their skin swell quickly. Gangrene is extremely painful for patients and many times it can lead to amputation to prevent it from spreading to other parts of the body. If your loved one suffered from or is currently suffering from gangrene, reach out to a bedsore attorney in Brooklyn, NY.

Osteomyelitis And Septic Arthritis

Pressure points can sometimes become so severe that they create infections in the joints and bones. Patients could experience significant damage to these areas, which can be minimized or reversed only through the administration of antibiotics or surgery to remove the impacted joints or bones. Bone infections are referred to as osteomyelitis, and joint infections are called septic arthritis.


Cellulitis is a common medical complication people who have bedsores experience. It’s one of the top conditions your bedsore attorney deals with, so reach out to them if your loved one is suffering from it. When the bedsore spreads to the deepest skin layers, patients can experience significant redness, pain, and swelling of the skin. Antibiotics are usually the first course of action and can stop the spread of the infection. However, if the nursing home or hospital is negligent in administering antibiotics or starts them too late, then the infection could get into the blood, bones, and joints. Depending on where the cellulitis has formed, it could spread into the brain and become life-threatening quickly.

Necrotizing Fasciitis

Bedsores can become infected with something called Group A Streptococci bacteria. When this happens, necrotizing fasciitis can occur, making the impacted tissues in the body die quickly. Necrotizing fasciitis is also commonly known as flesh-eating bacteria, which requires immediate and thorough treatment by surgery combined with antibiotics. If the nursing home or hospital staff did not act quickly enough with your loved one, then a bedsore attorney can help.


Most people aren’t aware that bedsores can potentially lead to cancer development. When wounds become chronic and get to an advanced stage, the cancer can become aggressive and spread to other parts of the body quickly. Surgery is the only way to stop or slow down the spread of cancer in most cases. If you or a loved one has developed cancer resulting from bedsores, work with a bedsore attorney in Brooklyn, NY. Medical expenses resulting from the negligence of nursing home or hospital staff members might mean you won’t have to bear the financial burden of them.

Nursing Homes Often Misdiagnose Complications Caused By Bedsores

Bedsores often develop in patients in a nursing home or an extended hospital stay. However, the best nurses and staff members will identify the bedsores quickly and take action to ensure they don’t get any worse. But if they don’t and serious complications occur as a result, they can become deadly very quickly. Too many staff members misdiagnose these complications and believe they are just infections that will go away over time. This isn’t always true when dealing with bedsores, and a higher level of medical expertise is required to fully recover from them before they become deadly.

Sinel & Olesen, PLLC is the bedsore attorney you can rely on to represent you or your loved one. We know exactly what to look for when it comes to nursing home and hospital staff neglect. Bedsores are very common, but also very preventable when action is taken timely. There are many different reasons why staff members don’t often report bedsore complications or say the infection was a result of something else. 

Having a bedsore attorney on your side can help you discover the facts so you can be compensated for any damages as a result of developing bedsores. You and your loved one deserve justice for being treated poorly and we will help you every step of the way. Be sure to contact us immediately to schedule a free case evaluation and start the process of holding the nursing home or hospital liable for their negligence.


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