Many different factors go into choosing a nursing home for a loved one. What is often overlooked is the potential legal concerns a nursing home might be involved in or dealt with in the past. You should look into issues like nursing home abuse, exploitation, neglect, and other concerns before ultimately deciding on one. A bedsore attorney in The Bronx, NY can provide some guidance on these issues and here are some of the top concerns to be aware of.

Bedsore Attorney The Bronx, NY

Research Any Disciplinary Action Against Nursing Homes

If a bedsore attorney has ever pursued legal action against a nursing home, chances are you will be able to learn about it. The Nursing Home Care Act has an abundance of information on its website that includes whether a nursing home has had any violations. Medicare is also a valuable resource to check for any disciplinary action against nursing homes. 

Ensure Nursing Homes Have Liability Insurance

Most families assume nursing homes have appropriate liability insurance, but a bedsore attorney in Brooklyn will tell you otherwise. When they don’t have liability insurance and your loved one gets injured, it’s possible they won’t have the money to pay for the injuries. This can lead to a huge legal problem and could create a significant financial burden for your family. Always ask the nursing home whether they have liability insurance and obtain proof of that insurance for your records.

Arbitration Of Disputes

Nursing homes often require new residents to agree to arbitration of disputes. This means if there is ever a legal issue, the case will be decided by an arbitrator without the possibility of going through the court system. Depending on the circumstances, your bedsore attorney in The Bronx might want a jury to hear the facts of your case. But if you are required to sign an arbitration clause then this will never happen.

Never Ignore Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse is rampant and is sometimes the result of being understaffed. This is no excuse for abusing residents, so always look out for any signs of abuse and alert a bedsore attorney as soon as possible.

Sinel & Olesen, PLLC can help you with any legal concerns you might have with a nursing home. We have a trustworthy and experienced bedsore attorney ready to listen to your case when you call. Choosing the right nursing home is essential for your loved one, so contact us at any time if you need legal advice or representation. 


My attorney was meticulous, intelligent, and had an exceptional demeanor with the judge and jurors. When the Jury verdict was returned in our favor I hugged my lawyer and cried. It wasn’t just the money that was so satisfying, it was being in the Courtroom with the doctor and their lawyers when the Judge told them the jury found them responsible.

France P.

We were not only pleased with the monetary award, but to see these facilities held accountable, we finally had some closure. I would recommend Sinel & Olesen, PLLC, to any family with a case involving bedsores or medical issues against a nursing home or hospital.

Lisle B.

Elliot Sinel was our trial attorney and our whole family watched the jury trial unfold for two weeks. Watching our lawyer cross exam the defendant doctors and nurses and exposing their neglect in the care for our father gave us all a great sense of satisfaction. The jury awarded us a tremendous sum of money and we all felt vindicated…

Terrence H.

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Suzanne F.

Before the case went to trial, Elliot Sinel convinced the insurance company for the nursing home to pay us a large award. My sisters and I always knew that the medical negligence caused my father to suffer. The settlement gave us a feeling that the facility finally acknowledged their wrongdoing…

Ana B.