When you have to put a loved one in a nursing home, you should be able to trust that the care they receive is just as good as they would get at home. However, any bedsore attorney in Nassau County will tell you that’s not always true. When selecting a nursing home to send a loved one to, be sure to make some important observations to get an idea of the environment, staff, and procedures. We’ve highlighted several red flags you should look out for and never ignore when visiting a nursing home.

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Unsanitary Common Areas

If a nursing home facility seems dirty in the common areas, you can only imagine how filthy the individual rooms are. A dirty facility could be a sign of understaffing or simply not caring about keeping a clean place. Waiting rooms, bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms, and other areas should have a fresh smell to them and appear to be clean at a glance. Otherwise, a NY bedsore lawyer might warn you that it’s a sign of lack of attention to detail, which could carry over to the care provided to your loved one.

High Staff Turnover

Every bedsore lawyer will say to observe the nursing home staff closely. Pay close attention to their overall demeanor and happiness levels. Also, don’t hesitate to ask staff members how long they have worked at the facility. If people have not worked there for very long, then it’s a sign of high turnover and should be a red flag. Staff members might not want to stay there because of poor management practices or plenty of other issues. But when there’s high staff turnover, chances are they will be understaffed at some point and the level of care provided to residents will increase.

The Facility Is Noticeable Loud

Whether your loved one has a serious medical condition or not, they deserve to have a quiet place to relax in a nursing home. If there are constant sudden loud noises or if it just seems like the entire building is loud all the time, then relaxation might be hard to find. It’s especially important to note if the staff members aren’t being careful about the noise they make, including talking to one another, moving medical carts, or anything else. These things can be distracting to residents and disrupt their peace and quiet.

Residents Don’t Appear To Be Happy

A NY bedsore lawyer will suggest observing the other residents in the nursing home to see their emotions and overall appearance. They should appear to be clean, groomed, and have a positive emotion on their faces. On the other hand, if they don’t make eye contact with anyone and seem like they are in their own space, then it could be a sign that they don’t want to be there because they are so unhappy. Every individual is different, so observe as many residents as you can to get a good feel for the overall vibe.

Unanswered Call Lights

A bedsore lawyer in Nassau County will always look at the response time to call lights in any nursing home facility. When you’re in a common area, look at when a call light turns on and see how long it takes for a staff member to enter the room. They should see what the resident needs in a matter of seconds, but even a minute or two is acceptable in most cases. But if the call light goes unanswered for several minutes, then it’s a sign that staff members don’t prioritize giving the attention residents need.

No Areas To Allow Residents To Socialize

The ability to socialize is crucial for seniors for many reasons. It keeps their minds sharp and allows them to make connections with other people. A bedsore lawyer will caution you about sending a loved one to a nursing home that doesn’t offer any activities or have areas where residents can socialize with one another. This can lead to unhappiness and potentially other medical conditions at the same time.

Staff Members Avoid Talking To You

A NY bedsore lawyer always wants to get a feel for the staff members at a nursing home. When you walk past them, make eye contact and greet them and see what type of reaction you get. You might be surprised at how many staff members simply give you a nod in return and keep walking. What you would rather see is people who greet you in a friendly way and maybe even ask if there is anything they can help with. And you especially want the staff members to answer any questions you have clearly and thoroughly. If you get the sense that they don’t want to talk to you and brush off any questions you have, then that might be the biggest red flag of all.

Sinel & Olesen, PLLC is here to help you when you need a NY bedsore lawyer. If you ever notice signs that your loved one might not be receiving appropriate care in a nursing home, don’t hesitate to take action. You might be able to prevent a serious injury or illness in your loved one and others as well by taking action immediately. We are available whenever you need us, so contact us today to book a free case evaluation.


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