Elderly people or people who have undergone surgery or suffered an injury might be bedridden for a while. Hospitals and nursing home staff members know it’s important to frequently turn and rotate patients who can’t do it themselves. Otherwise, they could develop bedsores and end up with even more health concerns. If your loved one has developed bedsores because of negligence by hospital or nursing home staff members, you should reach out to a bedsore attorney in Nassau County to review the case. Not only will you be able to protect your loved one’s legal rights, but it could end up being exactly what they need to reverse their health for the better. Here are the top reasons why turn schedules and daily care are essential in preventing bedsores.

Bedsore Lawyer

Why Turning Patients Prevents Bedsores

Bedsores can be incredibly painful for patients and they can often be fatal. Every bedsore attorney in The Bronx, NY will tell you bedsores are completely preventable with proper care. It’s particularly important for elderly people to turn their bodies at least every two or three hours since their skin is more fragile. When a person is bedridden, they have pressure points on different parts of their body and blood flow can be reduced significantly at those points. The constant pressure that exceeds several hours can lead to developing a bedsore on the skin.

When a medical staff member sticks with their turn schedules for their patients, bedsores can be easily prevented. Easing the pressure off of certain points and repositioning the body is crucial, but medical staff members don’t always prioritize it. And in addition to pressure points causing bedsores, it’s also possible for friction from bedding to cause bedsores to develop. With proper daily care and sticking to turn schedules, hospital and nursing home staff members can prevent these bedsores from happening.

What Are The Stages Of Bedsores?

A bedsore lawyer always suggests looking after your loved one and never assuming the medical staff is taking the best care of them. The earlier you can identify bedsores, the lower the chances are that they will become serious. The stages of bedsores a bedsore attorney in Nassau County suggests looking for include:

  1. Patchy red skin that might be uncomfortable for the patient. This often will go away if the pressure is removed quickly.
  2. Open sore or blister at the point where the patchy red skin is. Pressure relief is critical at this point, as well as some additional treatment.
  3. The sore develops into a crater and could become infected. The time to heal is much longer and more intensive treatments are required.
  4. Patients lose skin at this stage and can be in excruciating pain. Damage to joints, bones, muscles, and tendons is possible, as well as fatal infections.

Understanding these four stages of bedsores is something every bedsore attorney in The Bronx, NY suggests paying attention to so you can identify them on your loved one.

Managing Moisture Is Essential

Too much moisture contacting the body can expedite the development of bedsores. This is why it’s crucial for turn schedules and daily care routines to be followed by medical staff members. Sometimes patients will sweat in the bed and need to have their sheets changed regularly in addition to being turned. And if the patient experiences urinary incontinence, adult diapers might be required and changed regularly as well. During investigations of patients who developed bedsores, a bedsore lawyer often finds that excessive moisture is the main cause for bedsore development and they can investigate how much medical staff members prioritized managing moisture.

Use Equipment Or Devices To Help Prevent Bedsores

If the hospital or nursing home staff doesn’t use the appropriate equipment or devices available to them to prevent bedsores, a bedsore lawyer might need to get involved. Sometimes things as simple as an egg crate mattress can go a long way in relieving pressure points on patients. Special air mattresses can also be used for patients who will be bedridden for a significant amount of time. There are plenty of ways medical staff members can help prevent bedsores in patients, but too many of them don’t do it as much as they should.

What To Do If A Loved One Develops Bedsores

When you notice a loved one is developing bedsores while still in the hospital or nursing home, alert the staff members immediately. If they don’t take action to care for your loved one, then it’s time to hire a reputable bedsore attorney in Nassau County. Be sure to document the timing of everything you’ve witnessed and said to the staff members since it can all be used as evidence in the case. These signs should never be ignored and your loved one’s life might depend on you taking action.

Sinel & Olesen, PLLC has dealt with numerous cases involving bedsores over the years. Winning a case like this is challenging since clear proof is needed to determine that the medical staff was negligent and the negligence caused injuries. That’s why it’s important to hire a bedsore lawyer with plenty of experience and will investigate every aspect of the situation to build a strong case. If your loved one has developed bedsores after a hospital or nursing home stay, or if you have noticed the early stages of development, contact us right away to schedule a free case evaluation.


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