Sacral pressure ulcers can be very painful and life-threatening if not addressed immediately. They occur in the lower back area and are usually referred to as bedsores. As with most types of bedsores, it can become essential to reach out to a NY bedsore lawyer in Suffolk County as soon as a sacral pressure ulcer is identified. Most of the time they occur when people stay in one position for a long period of time, which is common in nursing homes. Here’s what you need to know about sacral pressure ulcers.

NY Bedsore Lawyer Suffolk County

Why Do Sacral Pressure Ulcers Develop?

Lack of movement is the most common reason why sacral pressure ulcers develop. In legal cases, a bedsore attorney will also evaluate the person’s medical history and whether the nursing home staff administered the right amount of care. Sacral pressure ulcers develop more when people aren’t able to move on their own, can’t communicate that they are feeling pain, have poor nutrition, and more. Anyone can experience sacral pressure ulcers, but any bedsore attorney in Manhattan will tell you most of the time they are preventable. 

Are Sacral Pressure Ulcers Severe?

There are four stages of severity when it comes to sacral pressure ulcers. Stage 1 is when the area becomes discolored or irritated and should begin receiving attention. Without proper medical attention, they can reach Stage 4, which includes damaged muscles, nerves, or bones. Once Stage 4 is reached, the person is at a high risk of developing sepsis or other life-threatening complications. Sacral pressure ulcers should never get to Stage 4 if their caretaker is proactive and attentive to their patient.

Sacral Pressure Ulcers Can Be A Sign Of Neglect

When a sacral pressure ulcer gets bad enough, neglect can become a major factor for a bedsore attorney to assess. Since they are easily preventable, many signs can point to neglect when sacral pressure ulcers become life-threatening. At that stage, the treatments can be extensive and expensive, which you should not be on the hook for. When you work with an experienced bedsore attorney, they will hold the nursing home accountable so you won’t have to pay for their negligent actions.

Sinel & Olesen, PLLC sees too many cases of nursing home neglect that lead to life-threatening complications. Sacral pressure ulcers are very serious and nursing home residents should receive the highest level of care possible. Never take anything for granted when it comes to the care of your loved one in a nursing home. Always look for signs of neglect and contact us for a free case evaluation if something doesn’t seem right.


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