When nursing homes are forced to make budget cuts for certain reasons, the patients are the ones who suffer the most. Not only will the elderly patients likely not get the attention they need, but the staff members who do help them might be unqualified to provide appropriate care. This can have a trickle-down effect when patients don’t get the proper care, and eventually, it could lead them to get sick, injured more easily, develop bedsores, and more. 

If the nursing home where your loved one is staying is experiencing budget cuts, monitor them closely and reach out to a bedsore attorney in Manhattan, NY if you suspect neglect or abuse is happening. Here’s what you need to know about what could happen when nursing home budgets are cut.

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Nursing Home Residents Don’t Get Enough Attention

Some nursing homes are already understaffed, so when budget cuts force them to let go of additional staff members, their ratios look even worse. The problem is Medicare doesn’t force nursing homes to have a particular patient-to-staff ratio, so they won’t get in trouble if they have too many patients assigned to one specific staff member. When you think about it this way, nursing homes could get away with having a low number of staff and just hope their patients will be ok.

The problem in this scenario doesn’t fall on the shoulders of the staff members. Most nursing home staff members are good people who take pride in caring for elderly people and provide the best care possible. However, when they aren’t given the resources to do their jobs correctly, it can lead to unintentional neglect. So when you talk to a bedsore attorney in the Bronx, they will tell you the issues could be with the nursing homes themselves rather than individual staff members.

Unqualified Staff Members Are Dangerous For Residents

Some nursing homes will let go of highly qualified staff members in favor of hiring unqualified staff at a cheaper price. When this happens, the patients are again the real victims since the new staff might not have the necessary experience or training to provide proper care. The best staff members can deal with aggression appropriately, understand the rights and needs of patients, shift their attention to different patients when needed, and more. Inexperienced and unqualified staff members likely won’t have these skills, which could lead to neglect and even abuse. A bedsore attorney in Manhattan, NY can look into these issues and represent you if a lawsuit is merited.

What To Look For In Nursing Homes Experiencing Budget Cuts

Sometimes nursing homes will inform patients that they are experiencing budget cuts. Other times they won’t say anything, but you’ll be able to tell when the level of care starts declining. The main thing you want to do is always talk to your loved one in the nursing home and ask about their experiences. They might not realize subtle changes are happening periodically, but it’s important to have your radar up. Small changes now could lead to larger issues later on, so you can get ahead of them by addressing problems now.

A good bedsore lawyer will also suggest looking closely for signs of neglect and abuse, both verbally and physically. Changes in your loved one’s mood or demeanor could be a direct reflection of how they are treated in the nursing home. They likely won’t say anything directly about how they are treated for fear of being treated even worse. This makes it even more important to pay attention to your loved one’s words and actions and look at their physical features to ensure they are getting the appropriate care while in the nursing home.

Your Bedsore Lawyer Is On Your Side When Needed

You never want to think about having a bedsore lawyer when your loved one is in the nursing home, but the truth is it’s more common to need one than you think. If you notice signs of physical or verbal abuse in your loved one at a nursing home, having a bedsore lawyer on standby is valuable. The hardest part about these types of lawsuits is proving neglect and abuse, so plenty of evidence and testimonies will need to be gathered to put together the strongest case.

Your bedsore attorney in the Bronx might suggest paying close attention to how your loved one is treated before and after potential budget cuts by the nursing home. If nursing homes have to make budget cuts, they shouldn’t put their patients at risk by doing it. But the truth is that’s the easiest thing for them to do, which makes it the most common consequence of budget cuts.

Sinel & Olesen, PLLC helps victims of nursing homes get justice when experiencing abuse or neglect in those facilities. Budget cuts have to happen in many different organizations, but elderly patients shouldn’t have to suffer as a result of them. A good bedsore lawyer will have your back and fight on your behalf to ensure you’re compensated for any damages. If you suspect your loved one has been abused or neglected at any time during their stay at the nursing home, contact us to schedule a free case evaluation, and we will put together the best possible case on your behalf.


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